Here’s why you need to stay away from viral workout hacks – ANI News

ANI | Updated: Jun 24, 2019 16:39 IST New Delhi (India), June 24 (ANI): Social media these days is loaded with easy to do work out regimes that guarantee a considerable amount of weight loss within a short span of time. However, as convenient and tempting as these might sound, health experts don’t think itLanjutkan membaca

‘It breaks you’: Teacher goes viral with post about why she quit her job – Global News

A U.S. teacher recently quit her job, and her Facebook post explaining why is resonating with educators across the country.On June 13, Jessica Gentry took to social media to explain that teaching students put her mental and physical health “in jeopardy” every single day because the expectations of her job were simply too much.Gentry, 34,Lanjutkan membaca

Think you know how a lightbulb works? Wait until you see this GE how-to video. – The Washington Post

Lindsey Bever General assignment reporter covering national and breaking news June 20 at 2:00 PM How many lamp owners does it take to change a high-tech lightbulb? Actually, it may be more complicated than you’d think — and make you miss the good old days when all you had to do was screw it in.Lanjutkan membaca