Parents Are Beating Their Toddler’s Stuffed Animals To Coerce Kids To Eat, But One Dad Has Had Enough – BuzzFeed News

A father of two young boys from Orlando recorded and shared a “positive reinforcement” parenting tactic in response to a string of viral videos where parents beat up a stuffed animal to manipulate their children into eating their food.Christopher Duett’s response video provided an alternative technique to get his own 2-year-old son Warren to eat.Lanjutkan membaca

Watch: The viral Pakistani cricket fans want THIS Bollywood superstar to watch their interview – Times of India

While the ongoing World Cup fever has gripped the people across the world, the recent defeat of Pakistani team in the hands of Indian team has given rise to an altogether different frenzy amongst the fans. However, that has been not limited to the Indian fans alone and the recent video of Pakistani fans onLanjutkan membaca

They wanted to honor their step-dad, then it went viral – Seattle Weekly

Many Renton families exchanged gifts to the important father figures in their lives on Sunday, June 16, for Father’s Day. But one Fairwood family’s special gift for their step-dad has gone viral. Marvin Bowers two stepdaughters, Jia and Jazel Bowers, have legally changed their last names to his. Formerly it was Dennison. They also nowLanjutkan membaca

Tweeters are sharing their ‘worst depression meal’ in a funny viral post – TODAY

Sometimes, for whatever reason, shopping for fresh groceries just isn’t in the cards.And while eating healthy on a budget is certainly doable, there are some days when you might not have the strength to whip something up.On a quest for some camaraderie, or perhaps just a little brutal honesty, one Twitter user posed a questionLanjutkan membaca

Photos of a spider eating a possum in Australia went viral. Spiders in Philly can also eat more than their wei – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Betancourt hopes that people can appreciate that these spiders are “something to be in awe about.” Fishing spiders hunt at night, and, unlike many spiders, make their impressive catches without the aid of a web. “They’ve traded [their web] for the water’s surface,” she said. “They feel vibrations on the surface with the hairs onLanjutkan membaca

Samsung asks users to please virus-scan their TVs – Ars Technica

Yesterday on Twitter, Samsung’s US support team reminded everyone to regularly—and manually—virus-scan their televisions. Samsung’s team followed this up with a short video showing someone in a conference room going 16 button-presses deep into the system menu of a Samsung QLED TV to activate the television’s built-in virus-scan, which is apparently ” McAfee Security for TVLanjutkan membaca

This Photo of Two Moms Breastfeeding Their Twins Has Gone Viral for the Sweetest Reason – What To Expect When You’re Expecting

A gorgeous photo of a couple nursing their newborn twins has gone viral — and the story behind it is so powerful. In the image, new moms Jaclyn and Kelly Pfeiffer gaze into each other’s eyes and hold hands as they each breastfeed one of their twins. The photos, which were taken by Florida photographer MelissaLanjutkan membaca