Man goes viral after giving out ‘free dad hugs’ at Cincinnati Pride Parade – WLWT Cincinnati

A local man’s Facebook post is going viral after he shared his experience about offering “free dad hugs” during Cincinnati’s Pride weekend parade.Scott Wherle said he saw the idea going around throughout the past month and wanted to do something similar, so he had his friend make a shirt.Wherle and his daughter walked the paradeLanjutkan membaca

Check Out This Viral Garlic Peeling Hack – Cosmopolitan Philippines

You know that feeling when you’re cooking something in the kitchen, and you allow your mind to take a break and focus on nothing but chopping vegetables or marinating some chicken? Yeah, I don’t experience that. Whenever I try to do make something edible that’s more ~*complicated*~ than a sandwich, I’m aware and stressed—especially whenLanjutkan membaca

Florida dad goes viral for calling out daughter’s skimpy shorts – WJXT News4JAX

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Florida dad’s “Parenting 101” video posted to Facebook is going viral after a hilarious fashion lesson.  Jason Hilley from Orlando decided to poke fun at his daughter’s “short shorts” by wearing some himself.  In the video shared with News4Jax, you can see Hilley walk into his daughter’s room with very tight, shortLanjutkan membaca

Auburn fan goes viral for calling out teen daughter’s short shorts –

When he saw what his daughter was wearing earlier this month, Jason Hilley got a little short with her, so to speak—and social media ate it up.A video of the 39-year-old Orlando dad donning Daisy Dukes while playfully confronting 14-year-old Kendall about her equally revealing fashion statement quickly went viral on Facebook, amassing more thanLanjutkan membaca

Wellington man goes viral after ‘putting himself out there’ on Facebook with singing video – Newshub

A community worker from Wellington has gone viral after he posted a video of himself singing on the public Facebook page Vic Deals. Ganesh Narnepati uploaded the video of himself singing Ciao Adios by British pop singer Anne-Marie on Friday, getting a huge reaction. The video accumulated more than 1400 likes, 1000 comments and 38Lanjutkan membaca