Gulf of Oman tanker ‘attacks’: US blames Iran for explosions – BBC News

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Iranian TV footage shows a burning tanker Iran says it “categorically rejects” US claims that it is behind attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had blamed Iran for the “unprovoked attacks”…Media playback is unsupported on yourLanjutkan membaca

Gulf of Oman tankers attacked: Live updates – CNN

The US military said that the USS Bainbridge remains in contact with one of the vessels attacked this morning and “is the on-scene US command authority.”  “No interference with USS Bainbridge, or its mission, will be tolerated,” Lt. Col. Earl Brown, a spokesperson for US Central Command, said in a statement…The US military said that theLanjutkan membaca

In Gulf of Oman, Tankers Are Struck Again, Raising Fears of Wider Conflict – The New York Times

“I think the threat is imminent,” General McKenzie told NBC News, without offering specific evidence or other details. One of the ships disabled on Thursday, the Front Altair, owned by the Norwegian shipping company Frontline, was burning and its crew had evacuated the vessel, according to a shipping industry official…“I think the threat is imminent,”Lanjutkan membaca

2 oil tankers damaged in suspected attack in the Gulf of Oman, crew evacuated – Fox News

Two oil tankers were damaged in a suspected attack off the Gulf of Oman [1] early Thursday, prompting the rescue of dozens of crew members. The U.S. Navy’s [2] Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet told Reuters it was assisting two tankers in the Gulf of Oman after receiving two distress calls. Details of the…Two oil tankers were damaged inLanjutkan membaca

Gulf of Oman tanker incident: Live updates – CNN

Thursday’s suspected attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman come a month after four commercial ships were hit in the same waterway, heightening tensions in a region already on edge. But these reported attacks appear to be even more aggressive. Here’s the difference between the two incidents. May…Thursday’s suspected attacks on two tankersLanjutkan membaca