What went viral this week: The Rock, Denny’s, a rainbow baby ???? and more – Motherly Inc.

Working a full day while pregnant can feel exhausting, particularly when you add a long commute to and from work to your day. And if recent research into pregnancy and commuting is any indication, employers may want to look twice at flexible and remote working situations if they want to attract and keep employees withLanjutkan membaca

Photos of a spider eating a possum in Australia went viral. Spiders in Philly can also eat more than their wei – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Betancourt hopes that people can appreciate that these spiders are “something to be in awe about.” Fishing spiders hunt at night, and, unlike many spiders, make their impressive catches without the aid of a web. “They’ve traded [their web] for the water’s surface,” she said. “They feel vibrations on the surface with the hairs onLanjutkan membaca

Bitadze reacts to his viral photo with Zion: “It just makes me more hungry” – Eurohoops

2019-06-19T22:02:46+00:00 2019-06-19T22:02:46+00:00 2019-06-19T22:04:57+00:00. Stefan Djordjevic 19/Jun/19 22:02 Eurohoops.net Stefan Djordjevic Goga Bitadze went viral for the wrong reason but it doesn’t bother him at all and he’s very excited for the 2019 NBA Draft By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net The 2019 NBA Draft media day was held on June 19, one day before the actual Draft,Lanjutkan membaca