Watch: Video of Deepika Padukone being asked to show her ID at Mumbai airport goes viral – Firstpost

Deepika Padukone is breaking the internet with her response to a security personnel at the Mumbai airport. In a video that has gone viral, the actress is seen entering the Mumbai airport when she is stopped by a security guard at the entry gate and asked to show her ID. Without any hesitation, Deepika simplyLanjutkan membaca

Deepika Padukone Was Asked For Her Id By Airport Security. Her Response Is Going Viral – NDTV News

Deepika Padukone photographed at the Mumbai airport.New Delhi: Deepika Padukone is winning the hearts of fans and how. In case you don’t know what we are talking about, we are referring to a video which has been doing the rounds on social media, in which the 33-year-old actress was asked for her ID by an airportLanjutkan membaca

Woman named Marijuana Pepsi receives Ph.D and goes viral, still doesn’t know where her name came from – New York Daily News

“My main concern are the individuals serving time for marijuana-related offenses. I would like to see all their sentences overturned,” she said. “These people were locked up for making money from the sale of marijuana, and now that the government has figured out ways to make the money themselves, it is ‘legal’ and, further, encouraged.”

‘It breaks you’: Teacher goes viral with post about why she quit her job – Global News

A U.S. teacher recently quit her job, and her Facebook post explaining why is resonating with educators across the country.On June 13, Jessica Gentry took to social media to explain that teaching students put her mental and physical health “in jeopardy” every single day because the expectations of her job were simply too much.Gentry, 34,Lanjutkan membaca

Mom’s ‘choice words’ for kids who covered her house in toilet paper goes viral – Yahoo Lifestyle

A mother’s witty and sarcastic Facebook post has gone viral after she used it to wage war on the neighborhood kids who covered her house in toilet paper.On June 14, Aubrey Dupree Seymour, of San Clemente, Calif., posted a photo of her front yard in the “San Clemente Life” Facebook Group, in which she described the toiletLanjutkan membaca

Please Enjoy This Viral Video of Ariana Grande’s Crew Nailing Her Choreography –

A very important video has come to the attention of the staff, and it of course involves pop star Ariana Grande’s current Sweetener world tour. Twitter user @urdadssidepiece tweeted out this video of Grande’s production crew dancing while she was performing her song “Be Alright.” As you can see, the two are casually jammingLanjutkan membaca

Kindergarten teacher reveals reasons she left her job in viral post – TODAY

A kindergarten teacher with a passion for education and a love for her pupils recently walked away from her career — and not for the reasons you might suspect. It wasn’t the pay, which has prompted many teachers to leave the profession in the past . And it wasn’t about the children in her care,Lanjutkan membaca