Commerce Dept. grants Huawei a 90-day license to help existing users – Engadget

Commerce Dept. grants Huawei a 90-day license to help existing users Commerce Dept. grants Huawei a 90-day license to help existing users 2h ago View [1] GM will deliver over-the-air updates to ‘most’ vehicles by 2023 3h ago View [2] US government warns China may have access to drone data …Commerce Dept. grants Huawei aLanjutkan membaca

Pro ‘Fortnite’ player sues FaZe Clan over ‘oppressive’ team contract – Engadget

The lawsuit further accuses FaZe of threatening the “health, safety and welfare” of players like Tenney. He was reportedly pushed into living in one of the group’s LA homes alongside other young celebs, and was encouraged to both drink alcohol while underage as well as gamble. He also…The lawsuit further accuses FaZe of threatening theLanjutkan membaca

‘Game of Thrones’ finale blocked in China due to trade war – Engadget

While Tenceent claims some sort of technical issue has kept it from airing the Game of Thrones episode, HBO has disputed the claim. In a statement to CNN [1] , the premium cable service said it “no issue with content delivery.” A spokesperson for the company also told the Wall…While Tenceent claims some sort ofLanjutkan membaca

Group accuses EU internet providers of violating net neutrality – Engadget

European regulators have “turned a blind eye” to these violations, the group said, and there are concerns that these overseers are trying to further soften the rules as part of negotiations over new EU rules. This would let providers use deep packet inspection to effectively bypass the rules and…European regulators have “turned a blind eye”Lanjutkan membaca

Arduino’s new Nano board family is more powerful and affordable – Engadget

The Arduino Nano 33 IoT will cost you twice that much ($18), but it’s compatible with Arduino’s Internet of Things application platform and can run connected devices. For projects like wearables that require Bluetooth and low power consumption, there’s the Arduino Nano 33 BLE, which is priced at $19. But…The Arduino Nano 33 IoT willLanjutkan membaca

Upscaled: How do you build a foldable screen? – Engadget

OLEDs themselves are still relatively new technology in consumer devices, and making them foldable adds an extra layer of complexity. We’ll examine how OLEDs themselves are constructed, and the materials and engineering that goes in to making a screen you can fold in half. So what do you think? Are…OLEDs themselves are still relatively newLanjutkan membaca

Amazon is building dedicated warehouses for hazardous goods – Engadget

Afterward, Amazon pulled thousands of bear repellent and pepper spray products from 30 fulfillment centers in the US. It stapled the packaging on the items closed to help prevent leakage, the company told [1] Wired , and it’s handling bear repellent with greater care. For instance, only humans will handle…Afterward, Amazon pulled thousands of bearLanjutkan membaca

NASA teams up with SpaceX, Blue Origin to design a human lunar lander – Engadget

The agency is hoping the initiative could lead to the development of a human landing system that includes a transfer vehicle astronauts can use from its proposed orbital moon base called the Gateway [1] to low-lunar orbit. In addition, the lander must also have a descent element that can carry…The agency is hoping the initiativeLanjutkan membaca

LG’s custom chip is made to power AI in appliances and robots – Engadget

Similarly, the LG Neural Engine [1] is intended to process image and voice data even when it’s not connected to the cloud. That means a device with the chip could recognize its environment and adjust settings accordingly, navigate through a place it hasn’t been before and understand a user’s commands…Similarly, the LG Neural Engine[1] isLanjutkan membaca